Our foundry is actually one big Recycling Facility.


Sustainable development is matter of course in our day-to-day work

At Smålands Stålgjuteri, we see sustainability and sustainable development as a matter of course in our day-to-day work, and a vital component in our work towards reducing environmental impact.

The end-result is that the castings we ship to our customers today consist of 80% recycled material, and our CO2 emissions are also low.

In addition, there are also possibilities for our customers to reuse the material at the end of the life of the product/detail, which means the life cycle analysis of the customer’s product is also correspondingly good.

Over the years, we have also invested in eliminating all use of fossil fuels in our processes.
We also carefully investigate all opportunities of exchanging our supplies for more environmentally friendly alternatives.
A modern foundry that participates in working towards a sustainable future.