Shell-mould casting

Our moulding methods and choice of method according to need.


Shell-mould casting and hand moulding.

We employ two moulding methods! Shell-mould casting and hand moulding.

Shell-mould casting is best suited for high surface area and tolerance requirements, and is best suited for medium to large series. Hand moulding is most suitable for smaller series and where the requirements for cast tolerances are lower.

Shell-mould casting – good surfaces and tight tolerances

Shell-mould casting that was developed as early as the 1940s is a methodology that results in good surfaces and tight tolerances. It also delivers excellent repeatability.

Here, we make exclusive use of digitally milled pattern gear. This allows us to produce geometries that were not previously possible, such as thin-walled steel castings, down to 3 mm. It is also advantageous to make cores with this method. Shape surface, up to 550 x 350mm, and about 50 kg piece weight.



Hand moulding – complement or casting of larger details

Hand casting is used, with advantage for details where the requirements for tolerances are lower. It is extremely effective when casting larger details, up to 600 kg.

We use the CO2 method for hand casting. This means that water glass (sodium silicate) is mixed in the sand and is then hardened with carbonic acid, CO2. This casting method can be used for both block moulding and bottle moulding. It is an environmentally friendly method since no acids or hartzer are used. The sand can also be reused to some extent. Hand moulding is best suited for smaller series.



Casting design!

Perhaps the most important part in producing new castings!

For us, the words CASTING DESIGN mean the optimised geometry of the casting, together with the cleaned detail we are going to produce! Thus, in short, what the detail should look like BEFORE machining.

Quality – a lifestyle

For us, quality is more than just a word spoken out in a management group or by the company’s quality manager! Neither, is it an issue that is raised once a year during audits.

For us, quality means a whole lot more. It is a promise from us to you as a customer. A promise to always deliver the highest possible quality. A promise that is based on the fact that everyone in our business, in every step of the process, strives for the right quality.

This is what we mean by quality is a lifestyle!